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Episode 13 • The Occupation of Boston & The First American Death of The Revolution

Tensions have reached the point where a murder takes place, the killing of a young boy. Or, was it self-defense? In this show I discuss the Occupation of Boston, put the sheer number of soldiers into perspective, and then the tragic death of a young boy, Christopher Seider. You can weigh the evidence and decide if the outcome is something you believe is fair and just.

I dig deep into court transcripts and witness statements to bring you a complete and hopefully accurate picture of what took place. What John Adams says about the defendant, who shot Christpher Seider, is crazy...but presumably accurate.

Artist depiction of British ships arriving to "restore order" in Boston

Map of Boston around the year 1767

Headstone of those killed at the Boston Massacre. Also, the name of the first American killed, Christopher Seider. Some list his name as Snider and there are a couple differing dates of his age. We discuss this in detail on this show.

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