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Step into the thrilling world of the American Revolution and genealogy, where my passion for history soared to new heights after a life-changing trip to Virginia in 2017.  During that remarkable journey, my previous research was now right in front of me - my 5th Great Grandfather, Peter Kern, and his valiant brothers had fought gallantly in the American Revolution. The revelation stirred a burning desire within me and my wife to retrace their steps and pay homage to their heroic legacy.

Our pilgrimage led us to the enchanting city of Northampton, PA, now known as Kernsville, where we stood in awe before the Kern Grist Mill, once owned by none other than Peter Kern himself. To my delight, historical records revealed that even Benjamin Franklin had graced this very place and made purchases here. How incredible it was to connect with the past through these tangible remnants of history!

Visiting his gravesite and immersing ourselves in the landscapes where my Great Grandfather and Great Uncles once fought was nothing short of life-changing. It felt like a spark had been ignited within me, and since then, my passion for history has only grown stronger, blazing like a wildfire.

Now, I'm trying my hand at my third book, my first historical fiction, "Taking Up Arms," set in the heart of the revolutionary war era in Pennsylvania. This gripping tale unfolds in 1774, when Peter and his brothers bravely take up arms in the fight for freedom and the birth of a new nation.  Prepare to be transported back in time as I weave their true stories, those of the Northampton Militia, The Flying Camp, and the Battalions they fought alongside, into an enthralling narrative.

The struggles, epic battles, and unwavering determination they exhibited will come to life through the eyes of these courageous brothers - my very own ancestors.

But my passion extends beyond the pages of history. My wife and I are blessed with the opportunity to share our knowledge with the younger generation, teaching them about the authentic history of the US Constitution and The American Revolution, unaltered and untainted by bias.

As a proud member of the Sons of the American Revolution, I currently serve as President of the esteemed Idaho Society. Hailing from Idaho, I've lived a life filled with adventure, publishing books, spearheading businesses, and now, residing with my wife on the picturesque Back Forty Farms, where we embrace the simplicity of living off the land and thank God for the blessings that surround us.

With our two amazing children by our side, we're determined to honor the past, live in the present, and inspire a love for history that burns as brightly as the flame that sparked it all.  Join us in this riveting journey as we uncover the untold stories of courage, brotherhood, and the birth of a nation. Let's make history come alive together!


Sons of the American Revolution Connection

Ron's 5th Great-Grandfather, Peter Kern, fought in the American Revolution, alongside his two brothers.  Peter was born and died in Pennsylvania.  Below are photos and information about him.

ron lisa mount vernon.png

Lisa and I at Mount Vernon - The home of our hero, George Washington

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