I'm Ron Kern, and I love the American Revolution.  My wife of 31 years, Lisa, is equally addicted to it and hope you enjoy our website, podcast, and broadside (blog), and this website.


Already passionate for the American Revolution and genealogy, this was increased dramatically after a trip to Virginia in 2017. I discovered that my 5th Great Grandfather, Peter Kern, and his brother Jacob Kern, fought in the American Revolution, which inspired me and my wife to visit Pennsylvania and Virginia.   Visiting the city of Northampton, PA., now called Kernsville, we visited the Kern Grist Mill, owned by Peter Kern, and still stands today. Historical records show that Benjamin Franklin visited and bought supplies there, which I thought was pretty cool.


Paying homage at their gravesites and studying their history in the areas where my Great Grandfather and Great Uncle fought, was life-changing.  It was as if gas was thrown into a ember to a fire that was waiting to ignite.


Although it's taking me longer than I want, I continue my research for my first historical fiction, called "Taking Up Arms," which is set in the revolutionary war era in Pennsylvania.  The story begins in 1774 as brothers Peter and Jacob Kern take up arms in the fight for freedom and the forming of a new country.  


This story highlights the events, and actual men, from the Northampton Militia, The Flying Camp, and the Battalions they were part of.  Peter and Jacob fought side-by-side to stay alive, fought for each other, and soon to be, the United States of America. Their struggles, incredible battles and hardships they endured will be explored through the eyes of these young brothers, my ancestors.  

I'm an Idaho native, a published author, columnist, and have started and sold several businesses with my bride. Like my ancestor, my wife and I now live on a 42-acre farm and ranch, named Back Forty Farmslive off the land, praise God and try and live life to the fullest.  Ron and Lisa have two amazing children who live in the area.


If interested, all of my businesses, organizations and social media, can be found here.