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Next Episode • Delay • Thank You!

I'm deeply touched by the flood of emails asking about the next episode—it's incredibly heartening to witness such enthusiasm from our audience. I owe you all an update. The past few weeks have been challenging as I battled Covid/Flu, leaving me with a weakened voice and reduced energy. Even with energy, I couldn't have recorded anything, at least anything you could have understood. :-)

Despite these setbacks, I've persevered and poured energy (as I have it) into crafting Episode #29. In this upcoming episode, I'm delving into the captivating story of Benedict Arnold and the March to Quebec. Having immersed myself in finishing two comprehensive books on this topic, I'm excited to bring you a tale that deserves the spotlight - but is often overlooked.

Battle of Quebec

I sincerely appreciate your patience during this recovery period. I want you to know that a new episode is on the horizon, along with the much-anticipated Freedom Files #4. Your support means the world to me, and I'm committed to delivering content that lives up to your enthusiasm.

While I work on completing the next episode, I invite you to explore the extensive show notes for each episode and indulge in the short videos available on the new Freedom Files series. Your understanding and support during this challenging month have been invaluable.

Thank you for standing by me. Your patience and encouragement keep the spirit of this podcast alive. Stay tuned for the next show and I will do all I can to ensure the wait will be worth it.


Show Notes:

Freedom Files:

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