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Unlocking History: Introducing 'The Patriot Power Freedom Files' – A Revolutionary Video Series

The Patriot Power Freedom Files is a new video series complimenting the Patriot Power Podcast.

These videos, short in length, share information about a person, place, battle or event in the American Revolution. For even greater detail, you can listen and enjoy the full podcast episodes here.

The Freedom Files are available on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Since they are videos, I've chosen to not add them as episodes to my regular podcast, so make sure you visit one of the above or visit the newly created page on this website that has them for you.

Each video includes photos within the video that help paint a more complete picture and the response has been pretty incredible.

Below is the introduction for the Patriot Power Freedom Files.

Subscribe and enjoy!

** It's been a while since you last came across an article, but be you will start to see more consistent, high-quality content going forward. Get ready to delve into intriguing and relevant stories, unknown facts, and captivating information about the American Revolution.

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