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Episode 27

Interview with Michael Troy

Our First Video Podcast

YouTube Channel Launched

Welcome Patriots!

What makes this episode so special is that we have the privilege of having Michael Troy with us, an expert in the American Revolution and truth be told, the inspiration behind me creating this podcast.  He created and is the host of The American Revolution Podcast, which I consider one of the most thorough and detailed podcasts pertaining to the American Revolution available. 


Check out his Podcast on Apple Podcasts, click here. For Spotify, click here.  On other platforms, just search and start enjoying it!

He also provides a website that has information on each episode, and is an amazing treasure of resources.  You can find that by clicking here.

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No books provided as this episode is video interview.

Recommended Viewing:

Watch my interview with Michael Troy, an expert on the American Revolution and has a very popular podcast on the topic.  Enjoy, I know you'll love it!

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Links for Michael's Podcast and Website are listed above in the description.

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