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Episode 26

Independence Day • Introducing my wife Lisa • History & Fun Facts About July 4th.

Fun Q&A with Lisa and Ron and lots more!

Welcome Patriots!

This show was released on July 4, 2023, so what better time to discuss the history (and people) behind it.  Lisa makes an appearance and we have a great discussion along with some fun and interesting facts about our Independence Day. 

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Recommended Reading: (click on book for more details and/or to order)

Recommended Viewing:

This important document is read by Max McLean

Brad Meltzer's Decoded • Very interesting

The First Fourth of July - Liberty Kids

External Links - click to explore

Primary Documents • Declaration of Independence • Library of Congress

Independence Day • History Channel

History of Independence Day • PBS

The Very First Fourth of July • PBS

Pictures, Portraits & More

Painting depiction of the Battle of Menotomy

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