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Episode 16

The Battle of Alamance & The Gaspee Affair

Welcome Patriots! In this Bonus Episode, I cover two important events that are rarely spoken about and not listed in most American Revolution timelines.  The Battle of Alamance took place over 2 hours in North Carolina, a year after the Boston Massacre.  An important battle for many reasons, we discuss all of them and more.  The Gaspee Affair, often called the first naval battle of the Revolution, illustrates just how fed up the Rhode Island colonists were with England.

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Pictures, Portraits & More

Gaspee Affair

Painting of the Gaspee going down in flames

battle of almanance.jpg

Battle of Alamance - Actual location in North Carolina

almanance hung.jpg

Near where the 6 prisoners were hanged

Battle of Alamance

Painting of drawing, Battle of Alamance

almanance troops.jpg

Placard of troop location and movements - Battle of Alamance

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