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Episode 15 - Bonus Episode

Hercules Mulligan, Tailor & Patriot Spy

Welcome Patriots! In this Bonus Episode, I share the amazing life of a successful tailor in New York who became a spy for George Washington. Most people had not heard his name until the Broadway Musical "Hamilton" came out, but it's time he gets recognized for what he did. Not only did he help win the war, he literally saved George Washington from capture (or death) not once or twice, but three times!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our discussion.

Listen. Learn. Share.

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Pictures, Portraits & More

Hercules Mulligan, Patriot Spy, Tailor

Portrait of Hercules Mulligan

Hercules Mulligan Painting - When he was older

Portrait of Hercules Mulligan (older)


Queen Street, 1780's, where Hercules Mulligan's Tailor Shop was located


Tearing down the King George III statue, Hercules Mulligan assisted

Letter ordering clothes from Hercules Mulligan for George Washington, 1792.

Letter from Tobias Lear (Washington's Secretary) ordering clothing items from Hercules Mulligan (1792)

Locations and code numbers from Culper Spy Ring notebook

Locations and code numbers from Culper Spy Ring codebook

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