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Episode 14 - The Boston Massacre

In this show I discuss what many consider the "starting point" of the Revolution, that being The Boston Massacre.  Did it happen the way we learned in school?  Who was truly at fault?  What would your verdict be if you were on the jury?


After scouring court transcripts, actual documents from the lawyers and notes of the trial, witness statements and about 8 hours of research, I do my best to paint a vivid and accurate picture for you of what truly happened and why.

External Links:

Hand-written Documents From The Trial - Very cool.

John Adams Arguments for the Defense

Quotes and Overview of John Adams during the trial

HBO Official John Adams Website

Courtroom Clip from HBO series John Adams

Recommended Reading: (click on book)

The Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre

Recommended Viewing:

Below are some videos for our younger historians

Boston Massacre Location Today

Boston Massacre Approximate Location Today

Paul Revere's Depiction of the Boston Massacre

Paul Revere's Boston Massacre Engraving / Propoganda

boston massacre 1.jpg

A type of ship, called a sloop, is what the Liberty was.

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