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Below, you will find each episode and any photos, links, or other information pertaining to that episode.  Offering these additional resources (links, maps, bio, etc.) will allow you to dive deeper and helps bring this amazing story and journey to life.

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Show Notes and photos are best viewed on tablet or desktop/laptop computer.

Show Notes:

The Journal of Major George Washington, 1754.  This details the journey he took while on a mission to let France know they need to leave the British Colonies.  Round trip miles was 900 miles in 2.5 months in winter.

King George III Royal Proclamation of 1763, in short, did nothing but upset the colonists.

The Sugar Act of 1764 started a series of acts that not only upset people of America, but actually initiated colonies working together for the first time.         Click photo ---------->


Show Notes:

Here are actual stamps 185-188, and what they looked like for the Stamp Act.

Stamp Act Stamps
Stamp Act Protests

An angry mob protest against the Stamp Act by carrying a banner reading 'The Folly of England, the Ruin of America' through the streets of New York.     MPI/Getty Images

Stamp Act Congress

Here is the front of the Stamp Act pamphlet that was published in London

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